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The following are some of the major lines marketed by the Retail Division:


Plastic Plates and Cutlery Disposable Products


Every Dinner

The leading disposable plastic plates and cutlery line with approximately 70% share of the category. This line is responsible for steering a significant growth in the plastics plates and cutlery category, due to its unique presentation and product quality. Its success has reached every market where it has been launched. 


Club Cups

The leading disposable plastic, foam and carton cup program and preferred brand at both the retail and wholesale trade, with its full line of quality cups that enhance the appearance of the drinks.



The value-quality plastic cups preferred at retail and wholesale markets due to its transparency and attractive cost. Available in a variety of convenient sizes.



The Safe-t line of foam products includes foam plates, bowls and hinged lids. Safe-t has quickly become a success in the markets it participates. This line offers bulk, individually wrap plastic cutlery and dinner kits. These kits, with or without napkins and alternative cutlery pieces are excellent, convenient and more hygienic for use at restaurants, hospitals, schools, picnics and others.


Classic Dinnerware

High quality durable bulk-count plastic plates and bowls, for household and business use.



Aluminum Products



A complete aluminum products line that includes aluminum rolls, pop-up sheets and trays.



Confectionary Products



Jet Puffed Marshmallows and Cream; the leading and most recognized marshmallow brand in the U.S. Only Available for Distribution in Puerto Rico.


Karate Pops

Leading brand in the ice popsicle and chilled juice drink category.



Refrigerated & Frozen Food Products


El Serranito

A complete line of Smoked Meats and Sausages know for their freshness and superior quality.



Their unique flavor and quality have positioned ConGusto sausage as the leading brand in its product category. 



Atalanta has a full line of variety premium quality ham and cold cut that are known for their superior taste and quality attributes.


Atalanta products include ham, turkey, bacon, pepperoni, salami and other fine varieties for the retail as well as for the wholesale and club trade.



The best selling imported Swiss cheese in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Winners of 11 medals in the "World Championship Cheese Contest" for their quality and a Nobel Price award to its chemist, Dr. A.I. Virtanen, for its unique process. Finlandia's unequalled quality has had major success with consumers. Only Available for Distribution in Puerto Rico.



Line of frozen fruits that are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) at their peak of sweetness, preserving maximum flavor and nutritional value.



Disposable Diapers


Mabesa / Chicolastic / Kiddies

Quality line of baby diapers for the retail trade and clubs. Kiddies diapers are manufactured by Mabe S.A., a multinational company with distribution in 25 countries and holders of 90 patents on its products. Over $800 million dollars sales with manufacturing plants in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Spain.

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