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Exclusive supplier for over 300 outlets of national casual dinning and quick service restaurants supplying all their frozen, refrigerated, dry, paper and cleaning products needs. Some of the chains served are: Subway, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, LongHorn Steak House, Sizzler, Little Caesar's Pizza and Flamer's Charbroil.


Matosantos provides highly efficient service through long term exclusive contracts. High quality standards and strict controls are maintained from the moment the products are ordered and shipped from Matosantos warehouse facilities until the products are delivered to the customer.


Some key points are:

  • Matosantos is in full compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

  • Its Web Procurement System (WPS) enables Matosantos to receive orders from its customers through interfaces with Matosantos Enterprise Resource Planning, by which each of the QSR stores receive a suggested order based on its consumption record and inventory. Deliveries are scheduled on predetermined routes so that each store receives merchandise once or twice per week. This system also allows each store to have access to its orders and payment history.

  • Customer invoices and delivery documents are fully digitalized (paperless).

  • Warehouse Management System helps measure the efficiency of warehouse employees and insures that product rotation is flawless.

  • GPS Truck monitoring - all of Matosantos delivery vehicles (over 30 trucks) are equipped with GPS routing Paragon Systems which plans and monitors, in real time, the vehicle routing for more efficient deliveries. Speed, route and stops are monitored and maintained at all times.

  • Temperature is also recorded online at each of the three compartments of every vehicle (freezer, cooler and dry). This allows Matosantos Commercial to monitor the temperature of products in route and at each delivery.

  • Also, Matosantos Commercial receives unannounced inspections from Silliker and from NSF Cook & Thumber. These, plus its fully certified and trained staff on HACCP, have helped rank Matosantos facilities and operations among the top 10% within the U.S.

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