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World Trade Plastic (WTP) is a subsidiary of Matosantos Commercial dedicated to the manufacturing of plastic disposable products for the retail and institutional industry.


WTP manufactures a variety of disposable plastic products including drinking cups, printed cups, plates and bowls, cutlery, food containers, trays, lids, straws and stirrers. Its excellent line of cups, plates and cutlery are manufactured in a diversity of colors making them ideal for all occasions.


World Trade Plastics utilizes a variety of resins to manufacture its products: polypropylene (PP) used on white/black cutlery, as well as on clear plastic cups with an additive to enhance its transparency; polystyrene (PS) used on clear cutlery and white plastic plates, K-resin among others.

WTP ships its manufactured products to the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Israel, Holland, Chile, Hawaii, France, Ireland, Dubai, Sweden, South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

Its plant is located in Zhuhai, China, on the southern tip of Pearl River Delta of Guandong Province. It is one of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in China where the plastic industry is one of the top 10 industries. As a harbor city Zhuhai has 6 Grade-I and 7 Grade-II ports making WTP strategically located and perfect for exporting. Zhuhai port is a coastal main hub port for China, only 50 minutes by ferry from Hong Kong. The principal ports are Gaolan, Jiuzhou, Wanzi, Wanshan, Doumen and Nansha.


The plant at WTP is in land area of 37,534 square meters with a build-up area of 39,823 square meters.


WTP philosophy includes personalized attention to its client needs by working closely with a great team of workers every step of the way, from product design to high quality manufacturing process until products are shipped.



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