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Eurocaribe Packing Company, Inc.
Tradition of quality and freshness


Eurocaribe Packing Company, a subsidiary of Matosantos Commercial Corp., is Puerto Rico's smoke meats and sausages expert. Since 1967, El Serranito products have been known for their freshness and superior quality. El Serranito brand name has become Puerto Rico's trademark in the production of smoked meats. In 1998, El Serranito merges with the leading brand of sausage producers on the island, Embutidos Congusto, to offer a greater variety of products.


El Serranito and Embutidos Congusto are skillfully elaborated by Puertorrican hands, at their state of the art installations recently inaugurated in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Over 160 employees work everyday guaranteeing the highest quality of products, their unique flavor and freshness. The daily elaboration of smoked meats and sausages guarantee their wholesomeness and freshness.


El Serranito and Embutidos Congusto are opening new markets in the Hispanic communities in the United States. Eurocaribe Packing Company, Inc., manufactures, packs, and distributes its brand products to local stores, supermarket chains and distributors on a daily basis. The constant and punctual distribution of its products, and the excellent service offered by their dynamic sales and marketing teams have earned the leading recognition and support from their customers. El Serranito and Embutidos Congusto’s commitment is to offer the best smoked meats and fresh sausages to consumers.


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