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High quality standards and strict controls are maintained from the moment the products are ordered and shipped from Matosantos warehouse facilities until they are delivered to the customer.


The company has an ongoing commitment to use leading edge technology in its information system. The proprietary software brings state-of-the-art distribution and warehouse management functionality, addressing the requirements of the entire distribution center, from the executive offices to the shipping dock.


Its fully integrated information management system includes Order Processing, Warehouse, Executive Information System, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales Analysis, Financials and Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI).


The sales teams are equipped with the most modern PDA/Software to create customer purchase order and to provide real time access to customer sales history, purchase trends, account information, inventory at warehouse and status on any pending order.


Customer invoices and delivery documents are fully digitalized (paperless).


Warehouse Management System helps measure the efficiency of warehouse employees and insures that product rotation is flawless.


All of Matosantos delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS Routing Paragon Systems which plans and monitors, in real time, the vehicle routing for more efficient deliveries. Speed, route and stops are monitored and maintained at all times.


Truck Temperature is monitored online at each of the three compartments of every vehicle (freezer, cooler and dry). This allows Matosantos Commercial to monitor the temperature of products in route and at each delivery.


Deliveries are made from the Matosantos warehouse using its own fleet of trucks, reaching over 1,500 industrial and retail outlets. The wide coverage allows fast and effective service to all areas in Puerto Rico. Transportation services include: Grocery Consolidation, Direct Store Delivery Services, Dedicated Fleet Services and Expedited Services (Same-Day time critical deliveries).


Also, Matosantos Commercial receives unannounced inspections from Silliker and from NSF Cook & Thumber. These, plus our fully certified and trained staff on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food Defense (FD) have consistently ranked Matosantos facilities and operations among the top 10% within the U.S.



Customer Benefit

Matosantos offers a fully integrated total logistic service or the highest quality that provides the greatest possible value to its customers.


Focusing Areas

  • Core business

  • Reducing inventory

  • Decreasing back order

  • Lowering capital investment

  • Enhancing on-time delivery

  • Improving tracing and expending

  • Information Sharing


  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • Lower total logistics cost

  • Reducing unit cost

  • Increasing cash flow availability

  • Lower capital investment risk

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